Digital Signal Processor

Digital Signal Processor
The iO-48 is a very powerful high-end audio processor, ideally suited for install applications, where it combines the functions of a multi-tude of conventional products in a compact 1U unit with extensive remote control capabilities over ethernet.Flexible channel linking enables quick and easy configuration of common crossover setups or customized configurations as required.

Compressors are available on every input as well as a high pass filter, 8 bands of parametric EQ, 3 bands of dynamic EQ, a 28-band graphic EQ, and up to 1.3 seconds of delay.Every output channel has high and low pass filters, 16 bands of parametric EQ, up to 1.3 seconds of delay as well as a new limiter designed to offer the best driver protection with the lowest distortion. The iO-48 runs at a fixed sampling rate of 96kHz.

11-NET is an Ethernet based computer control platform that gives the end user the ability to not only control all the devices on a network, but also to store presets and configure systems offline.

CMRR >60dB @ 1kHz
Maximum Level >20 dBu
Frequency Response (20Hz to 20kHz) +/- 0.4 dB
Latency 1.278ms
Power Requirements 3-pin IEC input, fused
90-250VAC, 50-60Hz < 40W
Dimensions 44 x 213 x 482 mm
1,75 x 8,4 x 19 in